A new thing

Here is a poem I have written recently. To be sure it says something about where I am in life, this amazing stage of new beginnings, the opening of a new chapter, a season of contentment, one without the relentless responsibilities and burdens of formal work. I am talking here about an end I can almost see, but I am also talking about the exhilarating new energy stirring within, for one last in-between time.

But really I hope the poem speaks to other younger folks about any stage in life. We all live at various stages on the journey. There is always an end of something in sight. There is always the closing of a chapter. We are always negotiating loss. And yet there is always too the opening of a wonderful new view of things, new beginnings, a new loveliness shining into our lives, something fresh, radiant.

In all of this I sense the strong hint of something wholly new beyond, something beckoning, something radiant beyond our dreams. But for now, as I say, I am content.

Well, maybe the poem captures something about all of that. I sure hope so. Mostly I hope you find something helpful in this poem for you.

Here is my poem:

The New Sun Rising

There’s so much yet to do

before the flame finally flickers out,

before the sun dips into the sea,

our great star touching down gently

into that golden water. We savor now

the gift, this one last in-between time.

So much to do before the leaves

drift down one more time, the whoosh

of passing cars stirring them

back to life, yet another moment’s

pause before lying down, sodden

and worn. I count back now

from an end I can almost see, and yet,

alert, attentive as ever, I lock onto

the sounds, the scents, new realms

I have never tasted before. I listen

for all that stirs within me, while the sun

holds for another hour, another year. I rest

in this season of contentment, before putting down

one last time into the deep unknown. All the while

I am beckoned forward, toward something,

like a new sun rising, something wholly

new, something radiant. But for now

there is so much yet to do. I am content.