Seattle DowntownI thought I would share for my blog readers an Op-Ed I wrote for this morning’s Seattle Times. It seems to have created quite a stir, hopefully for the good.

Here is the link: [button color=”#COLOR_CODE” background=”#COLOR_CODE” size=”medium” src=””]Seattle Times Op-Ed[/button]
Originally I called the piece “What Great Cities Do When The Windows Are Broken” (editors seem wont to change titles, not always for the best). In any case, I am deeply troubled by the disarray and disintegration in so much of our society. The disorder on our streets in Seattle, I argue, offers tangible signals of the deeper brokenness within our society. For me, as always, the starting point is culture. For me, as well, to push Christians to the sidelines of any influence, as my great city has surely done, means trouble ahead. We see the results of this secularization project.

The problems are complex, no doubt about it, and I am no expert on urban solutions. But I believe our hearts must be broken by the brokenness we see on the streets of our cities. If we put our best heads together, along with the deepest parts of our hearts, perhaps we can offer up a new way to begin again.

Interestingly, Sharon and I are on an plane heading for New York City. Perhaps I will share some thoughts over the days ahead comparing the two cities. Having been there any number of times, I get the feeling New York has much to teach Seattle.

Let me know if you have any thoughts about this piece in The Seattle Times.