David Brooks is a huge fan of Christian colleges and universities. Here is an amazing address he gave to the Council For Christian Colleges And Universities (CCCU) last winter in D.C. at the 40th Anniversary Celebration. He puts it all together in this speech. He says to the presidents and leaders of our schools: “You guys are the avant-garde of 21st century culture. You have what everybody else is desperate to have: a way of talking about and educating the human person in a way that integrates faith, emotion and intellect. You have a recipe to nurture human beings who have a devoted heart, a courageous mind and a purposeful soul. Almost no other set of institutions in American society has that, and everyone wants it. From my point of view, you’re ahead of everybody else and have the potential to influence American culture in a way that could be magnificent.” I love it! I invited Brooks to Seattle Pacific University twice in my time there. He told me recently, “Phil, you were the first to invite me. Now Christian colleges are among my favorite audience.” It has been thrilling to watch his spiritual journey since that time. This article is well worth reading.

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