Ross Douthat, Bad Religion: How We Became A Nation Of Heretics

I was skeptical about this book because of it’s title. Who needs another indictment about Christians and the way they practice their faith? And how might a New York Times columnist be qualified to tackle such a topic as religion in America?

But this turned out to be a stunning book for me, opening up whole new ways of thinking about Christians in our post-Christian world. I have come to have enormous respect for Douthat’s work, one more (along with David Brooks) token conservative (in this case Christian) writer for the Times.

Douthat presents a thorough analysis of the state of religion in our society and the unfortunate heresies we have constructed and accepted over time. Our accommodation to culture has severely damaged our influence on that culture  There is disturbing information here, to be sure, but I come away stimulated into new thinking about what cultural engagement must mean for Christians in our new day.

A must read for anyone interested in our new world and how we live authentic Christian lives in a post-Christian world.